4 September 2017
Source: RNIB
Gwyn McCormack, QTVI and Director of Positive Eye, shares simple ways you can improve school life for children with vision impairment.

Imagine this scenario.The student is squinting as she peers at the board trying to copy down her homework.

She looks around the classroom and shrinks a little further into her seat. Everyone else is busy writing. She desperately tries again to distinguish the green writing on the murky whiteboard but to no avail. Anxiously she wonders what to do:

“Should I ask for help? I hate to bring attention to myself… I really don’t want to look different.”

Courageously she raises her hand and says to the teacher: “I can’t read the green writing on the board. It’s easier for me to see if you use a black pen and say what you’re writing.”

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    Thank you to Vision 2020 UK, for the use of their article.